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the NWHM Credo
All of us are looking to build a better life. A life filled with everything and everyone that matters most. And a place to call home that brings it all together in the best possible ways. We understand how important your home is to you. It means a lot to us too. Our homes are an expression of the knowledge we have about how people want to live. For us they are individual works of art for the world to see and enjoy.

This is our legacy.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard. We demand more from ourselves. Our recognition as the nation’s most awarded builder for customer satisfaction matters deeply to us. We care about our home buyers experience, how their home looks, feels and lives. Why a particular piece of land was chosen. We care about the relationships with our craftsmen, our lenders, our neighbors. And we expect from them what we expect from ourselves – a belief that this process is as much about building a better life as it is about building a better home.

Homebuilding gives us a profound sense of fulfillment as we strive every day to provide better environments, contribute to better schools, support communities with a sense of social consciousness – all with a level of integrity, respect, and compassion for the world in which we live.

Each of us here at The New Home Company share in a strongly held belief that every new home is a new opportunity to build something better.

A better experience. A better home. A better life.
Most Recognized Builder in Customer Experience
Eliant Homebuyer Survey Company has rated NEW HOME in the top 2 of overall homebuyer satisfaction for the past 8 years, as well as America’s top builder in 4 of the last 8 years. We provide a curated and safe customer journey from start to finish.
Best in Class Quality
We consistently exceed industry construction standards. We incorporate state-of-the-art products and EVO, our comprehensive approach to adapting our homes with modern digital design for increased wellness and connectivity. Compare us to any other builder.
McKinley Village
Leading Design
We partner with the nation’s leading architects and design firms, and have an award winning record as proven by over 300 awards in past 8 years, including over 25 Community of the Year awards.
Choice. Making Our Home Yours
Personalization at every price point: we demonstrate what we offer, we only show options and upgrades that are available to purchase. Our design studios are staffed with the most esteemed design professionals to partner with our homebuyers.
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Giving Back
We give back to the communities we build. NWHM was founded on an important pillar: to leave the places where we build better off than when we arrived, and we strive to ensure opportunities for home purchase are extended to every group in America.
Builder of the Year Award
Highest Rated Builder in Customer Experience Award
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