Balanced Living

man with chinese coins
an ancient art and science
For over 3,000 years the ancient art and science of Feng Shui has been revered and practiced around the world. Through Balanced Living, NEW HOME has strived to apply many of these principles to several neighborhoods across California and ensure good fortune for all homeowners who choose to live there.
exterior of home
True North/South Orientation
The New Home Company engaged a Feng Shui Master to consult on the land plan and product design to ensure this special San Jose community achieved a true north/south orientation.
Ming Tong ceremony
Traditional "Ming Tong" Ceremony
Coins were buried deep in the land during the “Ming Tong” ceremony, which ensures good fortune to all who choose to live at the neighborhood.
Men having discussion
"The Emperor's Throne"
This best practice in Feng Shui allows for the community’s most Northern point to gently rest against a hill drawing a strong connection between water and its related importance to wealth and opportunity.