EVO Home Tech

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Mother and Child with Home Tech
new homes for today inspired by tomorrow.
It has often been said that our new homes are a reflection of how we want to live. We want inspired design and craftsmanship. We want a sense of community. But we also want innovation and technology too.

EVO Home Tech is about updating today’s new homes with tomorrow’s ideas. New homes with modern digital design for increased connectivity, customization and wellness. Advanced home integration systems that allow us to centralize and control everything from utilities, security and entertainment for increased convenience and cost savings. Mobile technology that allows us to connect from the living room or the conference room. Voice activation and internet search functionality so we can talk with our home and tell it what we like or need. Or smart appliances that interact with us to assist with our health, diet and exercise. The possibilities are endless.

Change is truly the only constant. It is no different for our new homes. For more information, please contact the Sales Manager at your neighborhood of choice.