CEPro: Brilliant Partners with WAVE Electronics

By Robert Archer

Brilliant, the manufacturer of Brilliant Smart Home System, has announced a partnership with WAVE Electronics, an independent electronics distributor.

According to Brilliant, the newly formed partnership makes it easy for homebuilders, multifamily developers/operators, and their installer partners to purchase Brilliant Smart Home Systems with leading smart home products from a single fulfillment partner. 

The product line covers everything from entry-level systems for production builders, to more robust systems for custom and luxury builders, Brilliant-powered smart home packages are now available for purchase from WAVE Electronics. Builders will also have the option to customize packages based on their specific needs and budget. 

Brilliant is also announcing a partnership with The New Home Company as a part of their EVO Home Tech initiative. The technology-forward program integrates modern digital features with unparalleled connectivity, ease of use, customization, and efficiency. An advanced smart-home system from Brilliant allows NEW HOME buyers to centralize and easily control everything from lighting to entertainment for increased convenience, safety and cost savings.

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